Tuesday, April 29, 2008

April 29th

The summer temperatures have arrived! It hit the 100 degree mark today. We have been getting in the pool and enjoying our mornings and early afternoons outside before the day gets too warm out to play. I have learned that taking them both in the pool is a bit of a challenge! Tyler is not very comfortable in the water and he likes to cling to you. Emma, on the other hand, wants to just jump in--even though twice she lost her footing and got a face full of water!:) I am thinking that a move to a house without a pool might not be such a bad thing after all! A kiddie pool might be more our speed for the next summer or so.
Emma is my dare devil! She climbed up the steps to try to get herself on the rollercoaster!

We checked out a book about firefighters from the library and Tyler has focused ALL of his energy talking about fire, fire trucks, smoke dectectors, and any other thing that is related to the topic! He tells me about a hundred times a day that if the smoke detector beeps that we get out and stay out! He is so funny because once he gets on a topic he is stuck for quite awhile! I am glad however he has changed his interest from the garbage man---following the truck around the neighborhood and watching it dump trash was geting a bit old!:) Matt sent him a gift card for his birthday so we went and got him his own fire helmet-- he will tell you that he is only a firefighter not a chief because his helmet is red, not white.

I am not sure what the attraction to Mr Potato Head's glasses are but both my kids feel the need to wear the glasses around the house!
The whole time I was pregnant with Emma I said I thought I made a really good boy mommy and I would be perfectly happy having two boys. But I have to tell you my sweet girl is just the best! She melts our hearts a million times a day. I can't even begin to tell you how much fun I am having dressing her each day! Whenever she comes out of her room Tyler always says, "Look at Emma she is so cute!" I would give anything for that to never end!!!! She has been given so many pretty dresses so I am trying my best to get her picture in each of them. This cute little one was a birthday present from Katie.

My wonderful friend, Marie, and her beautiful boy, Evan, came over on Sunday. Here is a cute picture of Evan and Emma taking a break from playing to have a drink.
Tyler was great with the little ones. I can hardly wait to get back to Tucson so that we can get these kids together more often. Here is a sweet kiss before Evan had to go home.

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