Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sesame Street Live

I am the person in my family who remembers EVERYTHING! I have more useless information in my mind than the average person. You can ask me questions from years ago like what a neighbor's dog's name was and I can rattle off the information without skipping a beat. With that being said, I pray to God that my mind still has lots of room left to remember the vivid details of my children's lives! Today was a day that contained moments that I hope will always be fresh in my mind's eye. Today I took Tyler to see Sesame Street Live.
We have been talking about it for months! Every time the commercial came on TV Tyler would say, "Mommy, do you want to go there?" and I would say, "Oh Yes! I do! Do you want to go there?" He would say, "I really want to go there!" It has been our behavior bribe for quite awhile.
We decided since the show was at 10:30am that Emma probably wouldn't do very well so Tyler and I planned the day for just the two of us. We left here a little early, which was a good thing, because between road construction and the Cinco de Mayo celebration it took forever to get there. Tyler never stopped talking the entire ride. He asked about a hundred times where Elmo was and what was he doing.
I think he was pretty much in shock during the first act because his eyes were about as large as dinner plates! He kept looking at me and saying, "Mommy, that's Elmo!" The show was great--lots of singing and dancing and they involved the kids throughout the whole thing. During intermission they sold big Elmo balloons. I wasn't going to get him one but since EVERY kid around us had one I figured I would be the pushover mommy too! The balloon better last a long time--it cost $8!:)
The second half started out with an Elmo's World skit---Tyler yelled "Hi, Dorothy!" louder than anyone there! (You will only understand that if you are an Elmo's World watcher.) He sang along and danced in front of his seat quite a bit. A taller child was standing in front of us so he sat on my lap for the last 20 minutes or so. I wish I could explain the way he beamed! He was just in awe of what was going on on stage. I just sat there and enjoyed watching him be so thoroughly entertained and filled with so much joy.
I pray that I will always remember today with clarity. I have to tell you that seeing the world through three year old eyes is one of the greatest gifts I have ever been given!

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