Friday, April 18, 2008

Long overdue update

Sorry it has taken me so long to update this. We have had a lot going on lately. We have one last couple trying to decide between our house and one other in the neighborhood so we are hoping that within a few days we will know if we have this place sold!:) If it does not sell we have decided to go ahead and rent it out for a year or so and wait for the market to rebound and then try again. We have a friend that is going to work for Marshall that would like to rent it so it looks as if we are going to be in Tucson before it gets horribly hot this summer.
It has been unbelievably windy here during the past week so poor Tyler is back to coughing---three to four times a day you will find him in this position.

Marie flew over here last week and stayed with the kids while Marshall and I went to a wedding in Tucson. It was wonderful we got to stay out all night and even got to sleep in past our normal 5:45am!!!
I am thinking that they must play superhero at the gym or else he has seen a cartoon there because Tyler has become fascinated with Superman and Spider-man. He pretends to talk to Superman on the phone and they discuss saving Emma and myself from danger. He also likes to pretend he is Spider-man and throw a web on me---I think he just likes to watch me fall to the floor and ask him to please release me!:) Marie bought him a pair of Superman pj's while she was here.

We got free check-ups while Marie was here. Emma still had an ear infection so we did another round of antibiotics for her. Both of the kids liked playing doctor with aunt Marie's cool Dr. stuff.
My dear friend Keli made Emma a tu tu for her birthday! Have you ever seen anything this darn cute?!?!
Tyler got to open an early b-day gift from aunt Katie. He is obsessed with singing and dancing (Dancing with the Stars and American Idol are two shows we TiVo and watch in times of chaos). Here is our little idol singing with his cool new Doodlebop microphone!

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