Saturday, April 19, 2008

Happy 3rd birthday Tyler!!!!!

Our big boy is three year old---can you believe it?
We had a wonderful day full of Tyler's favorite things. Marshall had to go to a breakfast meeting so we started off the day like normal by going to the gym---Tyler loves this because he has a friend named Ryan who is usually there. The best part about the gym that day was that because he is now three he can go in to the "game room." He spent the whole hour coloring and playing video games. He felt like such a big boy being able to go in there.
We got home and put Emma down for a quick nap while we got ready to go to the park. Marshall got home so we decided to give Tyler his birthday gift from us.......a Big Wheel!:)

He can't quite reach the pedals but he scoots it down the hall. This will go outside very soon! It has three spaces to move the seat back so I am hoping he uses it for a long time!
We headed off to the park where we enjoyed McDonald's for lunch.

As soon as we were done with lunch we fed our leftovers to the ducks and headed off to ride the train. Here we are with our sweet kids!

It was a beautiful day so we packed the kid's bathing suits and they played in the water in the splash pad that is at the park. Little Miss Emma is fearless---she didn't hesitate for a second she just ran out there and got in the middle of things.

After the park we headed home for naps. When the kids got up we let Tyler open the rest of his birthday gifts. Aunt Katie sent a guitar and Nana got him a soccer net.
I made Tyler's favorite dinner of bean burritos. The boy would eat this every single day! After dinner we enjoyed (Emma probably the most!!!) birthday cake.
It really was a wonderful day!

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Nana said...

I am so jealous of my friends that have their grandbabies close,but I am so glad you have this site Sarah. It makes me feel so sad that my Mom missed out on so much of you kids growing up and me too!
Hopefully you can save this for years and go back and re-live the "little" things that are so precious. Thank-you for sharing these everyday memories with us!