Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Growing up too fast!

I can't even begin to tell you how fast the last few years of my life have flown by! Tyler is about to turn three and has just suddenly morphed from my baby into this little man. In fact, if I call him "baby" or "little guy" I am quickly reminded by him that he is a "big boy!" He just does and says the funniest things. We were sitting outside the other day with our feet in the pool looking at all the golf balls and rocks that were at the bottom. I had already tried to get out the rocks but they are stuck in the drain and are going to require us getting in the pool to get them out--this won't happen until we have a few more VERY warm days in order for the pool to be warm enough for either Marshall or I to get in it!:) Anyway...he asked me to get out the rocks (which if I forgot to mention he threw in there) and I told him that I had tried and I couldn't get them. He just looked at me with his giant eyes and said, "Don't worry I'll use my muscles and get them out for you."
I had asked him to bring me something yesterday and he yelled across the room, "I can't help you I am busy right now."
Each night I read Good Night Moon to him and Marshall and he always try to say goodnight to everything on the last page as fast as they can. Tonight Marshall was gone so I did that with him but when I started to say goodnight to everything he said, "Don't do that Mom that is my Dad's job."
He can be a bossy little thing thing and we find ourselves having to turn our heads because he makes us laugh when we should be offering some type of correction or discipline!:)
I think he is enjoying his role as big brother to Emma. He loves to be the first person in her room in the morning to greet her. He has also decided that he is the person who is going to be in charge of teaching her what she can and can't do. He was very upset with her today because she turned off the TV--now I can remember just a few short years ago this same child standing in front of the same TV and turning it on and off over and over again.
While we were driving today I saw in the mirror that Emma had taken her clip out of her hair and had it in her mouth. I told her to take it out but I couldn't do much since I was driving. Thankfully I had little Brown with me to sit there and say, "No Emma we don't put those in our mouth." "Emma I just said stop" Emma, don't do that again." I guess that even though he doesn't always respond to me when I am talking to him I can tell that he does hear me since it sounds like mini me in the backseat!:)

Thankfully he does still have his moments when he wants to be my baby. Each night while I read to him he lays across my lap and has me scratch his back. He also promised me today that he would always crawl up in my lap and cuddle no matter how big he got-----I am writing that down so that in a year or two when he doesn't want to kiss or hug I can remind him of this day!:)
There are many days when he can be such a challenge but he can also be the sweetest little boy in the world and it just kills me that he is growing up so darn fast!

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