Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Brown's Visit

Marshall's mom, dad, and three nieces came to visit us this week. They got here on Sunday afternoon while the kids were napping so when Tyler got up he was a bit overwhelmed by the five people in our living room. He hasn't seen any of them for about a year and a half but we had been talking about his cousins and Grandma and Grandpa all week so he warmed up pretty fast. It was so funny he called them "my cousins" the whole time----"Mommy, where did my cousins go? I want my cousins to come play with me. Can I show my cousins my new big boy underwear?" He really enjoyed playing with the girls. They were all great with him. They probably played more basketball, golf, ring around the rosey, and chase then they had in years! Of course they all fell in love with sweet little Emma as soon as they saw her. She got a lot of kisses over the last few days.

On Monday morning Bessie, the girls, Tyler, and I went to go see Horton Hears a Who. It was a cute little movie. Tyler did fabulous. He sat through the whole thing without any complaint. He got a little antsy toward the end but even then he just stood in front of me. He did discover a love of skittles while we were there---Ashlee can't have popcorn because of braces so she got candy-----Tyler probably ate about half of the bag throughout the day!
Tuesday we had plans to go to a spring training game. We were just going to get lawn seats but I guess since it is spring break week everyone else in the Phoenix area had the same idea. The game was sold out. Tyler REALLY wanted to see a game so we walked over to one of the other fields and watched some of the nonstarters for the Angels and the A's having a practice. We were sitting on the bleachers with some of the Angels so when Tyler did as he normally does which is scream..."Mommy, Daddy he hit the ball!!!!! when an A's player hit a home run we all wanted to crawl in a hole!:) Everyone got a kick out of his excitement though. Marshall took him over to one of the empty fields and let him run off some energy.

On the way home I stopped and the got the girls and Tyler an ice cream----it was Tyler's first cone. Probably not the smartest thing to do in the car but it sure was funny! He ate all the ice cream on top but just kept pressing it in to his face trying to get the rest out of the cone---he would not eat the cone. We all just laughed at him and poor Ariel was sitting next to him so she was in charge of keeping the mess under control.

Here are some more pictures from the park---they tried to teach him to do a cartwheel--that didn't work too well though.

Do you remember rolling down grassy hills? Nothing better on a warm sunny day!

We were sad to see them go this morning. Tyler has asked all day, "When are my cousins coming back?" Sure makes me sad we don't live closer to family.

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