Thursday, March 27, 2008

March 27th

We had a wonderful Easter. Tyler was so very excited to get an Easter basket and continues to ask every day for more Easter candy. Thankfully it is almost all gone! Emma got new books and has enjoyed both "reading" and eating them. After we had Easter morning here we loaded up and headed down to Tucson. It was a beautiful day and we had a great time. There were lots of kids for Tyler to play with and plenty of adults to carry Emma all over the place.
The end of this month and the first few weeks of next month are just crazy busy so we went ahead and celebrated Emma's birthday while we were at the park.
You have to remember that Tyler was my first child and I was oh so very careful about everything that he ate. Emma on the other hand eats whatever Tyler is having. So, for Tyler's first birthday his cake was really the first piece of cake he had had----he also was not impressed with it. Emma is already a pro with desserts so she REALLY enjoyed her cake!

I can't believe she is going to be a year old. She is just growing up way too fast. Not that I want another baby but it is sad knowing that this is my last first word, first step, first b-day etc. Speaking of which she does say a few words.....she says "hi" and waves at you, she points at Winnie and says "dah"---we assume this is dog, and she is saying both mama and dada. And the biggest news is that she took a few steps today!!! She was going back and forth between Marie and I. She takes about two steps and then she leans forward for you to catch her. It won't be long and she is going to be running right behind Tyler.

She ate spaghetti last night for dinner. The bib is clean because she actually ate without clothes on but I figured we should cover part of the mess for one of the pictures! After giving them their bath I actually had a red ring in the tub!
Tyler has had a few funny moments this week. We are hoping that his new favorite thing to do is not an indication of any future habits----because if it is our boy is a cross dresser!:) He loves to go in my closet and take out my shoes and then wears them around the house. He is getting pretty good at walking in heels!
He also has turned in to George Costanza (all of you Seinfeld fans will get the one). He can't go to the bathroom with his shirt on. Thankfully he has only had to do his business at home and this has not yet been an issue in public.
We have had many talks about where it is okay to color. He will tell you that you only color on paper. He colored on one of his chairs and every time he sees it he says, "Mommy is is not nice to color on the chair--we only color on paper." So today when I was getting ready and putting on some lipstick he asked me for some chap stick. I told him I didn't have any that I only had the colored kind. He looked at my with a very serious expression and said, "Mommy it is not nice to color on your face you should only color on paper!"
Our neighbors gave us some tickets to an Angel's and Rockies game today. Marie is in town for a conference so she skipped out early today and we took the kids to the game. The seats were awesome. We were three rows up right next to the Rockies dugout. The highlight of the day was that Tyler got TWO baseballs! We got there a few minutes early so I took him and stood next to where people were getting stuff signed. Tyler saw a player coming in from warming up and yelled, "Mommy he has a baseball!" The player walked right up to him and gave him the ball!
He kept asking me if he could go sit in the dugout but I told him that only baseball players got to sit there. He was quick to inform me that he was a baseball player so I walked him over there to see it. He was leaning in looking and yelled, "There are baseball guys!" One of the players got up off the bench and brought him another ball. We only made it three innings but it was a very memorable game for him.

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