Wednesday, March 5, 2008

He did it!!!!!

I think we have finally gotten Tyler potty trained! (Thanks to some great advice from my friend Keli!) It all started when we ordered the Baby Bjorn potty seat--the best one ever!!! It came in the mail last week along with a few more "potty" books. Tyler was very excited to open his present---so much so that he went right then and there. We have really been talking a lot about how he needs to wear big boy underwear before he can go to school, so this along with the cool new potty chair and some fabulous books seem to have been the push that he needed. Without going in to too many details, that unless you are the mom of a toddler that you could probably care less about, we just decided to put him in underwear and ask every 45 minutes if he had to go. He has been accident free for the last two days and even wore underwear to the gym today! This morning he was so proud of himself he wanted to call people and tell them that he was wearing "big boy" underwear. I asked him who he wanted to call and he said, Uncle Matt. Matthew was a great uncle and acted very excited and proud of him---that is true testiment of what a good guy he is since it was 8am, he was at work, and he probably doesn't care to hear about Tyler's bathroom issues!:) Tonight we celebrated with a "potty party". I took him to the store and was going to get cupcakes but he saw a bunny cookie and that was what he wanted. So after his favorite dinner of bean burritos he had his cookie and some ice-cream.

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