Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Sorry it has been awhile since my last post but there hasn't been too much excitement around here.  
Both of the kids are doing really well.  Emma just blows me away with her vocabulary.  She not only knows where all of her body parts are but she names them too!=)  Both she and Tyler have been doing a lot of pretend play together so come Christmas time the two of them are going to be in heaven with the arrival of Emma's deluxe kitchen.  She is still over the top obsessed with all things girly.  She always has a bow in her hair, a necklace around her neck, and some princess memorabilia in her hand.  
Every once in awhile my arms get lonely for a baby but then I think, "Good God, are you nuts!!!!!  Do you really want to go through all of that again?"  and I snap right out of it.    Babies are sweet and cuddly and wonderful but they require 100% of your time and attention.  It is really nice finally having toddlers who can be left alone for a few minutes while I grab a quick shower.

Last weekend we went to the Oro Valley Christmas Parade.  It was kind of a sad parade but the kids really seemed to enjoy themselves.  We found a spot that was not at all crowded so the kids were able to wander around while we waited for it to begin.  They had a hard time staying still and both seemed to want to be in it more than they wanted to watch it!

They finally spotted the beginning after a long wait.

Here he is taking pictures with the toy camera that he got there.
After church and naps on Sunday we drove up to Chandler to visit our friends and tenants Alan and Gretchen.  Grethen just had a beautiful little boy named Carson.  The kids were excited because the swing set is still in the yard and so is their sandbox--we never moved it down here because of our scorpion problem.  Our little daredevil, Emma just bailed off down the slide without a care in the world.  There was one stressful moment to the day and that was when Berkley, aka Marley, grabbed Emma's Cinderella and ran off with it in his mouth.  Everyone started yelling at once so the poor dog thought it was play time.  We did manage to get "Ra" back but he got banned to the crate for the remainder of the visit.
It has been pretty chilly the last few days and we have even had some rain.  It is nice to be able to dress in the few cold weather clothes that we have.

Marshall also enjoys it because both of the kids will cuddle up with him on the chair or couch for a little football viewing.

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Garrett Family said...

I totally know what you are saying on the baby thing. It is sad to think we are not having anymore - but I just don't think I can do it again!!
I love the cuddle picture - our girls will not do that - once in a while we can get one to sit still for 5 minutes max!!