Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our first Santa sighting

Santa was at story time today.  They announced that he would be coming a few weeks ago so I made sure it was on the calendar so that we would not miss it.    Emma has learned to say Santa and Ho Ho Ho and we have been reading lots of Christmas stories so the kids were both very excited.
As you can imagine every child under the age of five in Oro Valley that was not at daycare was in attendance.  I felt so sorry for the poor Santa because it was crowded and hot.  He kept saying, "I forgot how warm it is here in Arizona at Christmas time:" as he was sweating his ass off in his costume!
Both of the kids were big eyed as he entered the room but neither of them really wanted to get too close.  He was a good Santa and sang songs and read to the kids.

I tried to get them to sit on his lap but Emma freaked out so I didn't push her.  Tyler said he would talk to him but that he was not going to sit on his lap.  He visited with him for a minute then as we walked away he looked at me with big panicky eyes and said, "Mommy, I forgot to tell Santa what I wanted for Christmas!!!"  I told him that it was ok and that we could just write him a letter and tell him.  I tried explaining that it was so busy there that Santa might forgot or might not be able to hear him so a letter would work great.  Tyler wasn't buying it and started to get worked up so we went back over and managed to sneak a quick visit in while a mom was fixing her daughter's hair for their photo op. He told him his wish and all was right with the world.  

I really am not sure that I am going to take them to the mall and do pictures this year.  If they wouldn't sit with him at the library I REALLY doubt they will do it there..and besides the Santa at the mall charges $25 for a stinking picture!

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Garrett Family said...

I know I am trying to figure out what to do too. I know Maelynn will want to see him - but I just know Beclynn will cry and scream if we try to put her near him. We will probably at least give it a try. We have to try and figure out where to take them since we moved. Good luck!! :)