Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

We let all of our family know that our house would be up and moving by six a.m. so they needed to be ready if they wanted to see the magic!  Katie had one camera, Randy had my flip video, Carl had my camcorder, and mom had her camera, so every second of the morning was documented!=)  Tyler woke up first and we made him stay in his room until we heard Emma wake.  After we got her diaper changed and read the thank you note that Santa had left we headed in to the living room to see the presents.  
I think the kids were a bit shocked at everyone being in the room and staring at them because as you can see from this video they looked a bit stunned as they entered the room and saw what Santa brought.
Tyler's Santa gift was the jeep and Emma got the kitchen that I always wanted!=)
Everyone was beyond generous to the kids and they got so many wonderful gifts.  Katie got Emma a bunch of dress up clothes so that she can be Cinderella.  She loves all of the dresses and has been wearing her high heels and jewelry around the house today.  Marie got her a doll that came with a stroller, cradle, diaper bag, and baby carrier.  She has been such a good little mommy to her babies today.
Marie got Tyler the scooter that he has been wanting.  Mom and Carl got him a really neat tool bench that he has been busy at work at all day.  We are going to buy him a bike with the money that Grammy and Grandpa and Grandma Brown sent.  I haven't decided yet what we are going to use the money on for Emma but I am leaning toward a doll house...she would love this!
We had a wonderful time opening gifts and Tyler really enjoyed ripping open all the packages. Emma would get so involved in the toy that was in front of her that she would not be that interested in opening anything new so I opened most of hers.
(The Hess truck and table topper were from my Aunt Mary Lea....she made the table topper and Emma just fell in love with the pretty princess pics.)
Carl made us a wonderful breakfast and we just sat around playing with toys and watching movies for most of the afternoon. 

A customer of Marshall's had sent us a Honey Baked Ham so we had that for our dinner along with mashed potatoes like my grandmother used to make and oyster stuffing.  We also had a birthday cake to celebrate the birthday of Jesus.  

It was a wonderful day spent with our loved ones.  We really missed all of you who could not be with us, but I hope that watching these videos and seeing these pictures will make you feel like you were right here with us!  We love you all and are so grateful for all that you do for us and our children.  Thank you for helping to make our holiday season such a special one.  I wish each you a very Merry Christmas and a truly blessed New Year.


Garrett Family said...

What a blessed Christmas you had!! Isn't the two seater jeep the way to go - our girls just love it - nobody gets left out!! We do the Jesus birthday cake too. So glad you guys had such a wonderful Christmas!

shelley said...

I'm so glad everyone got to come out for christmas. It sounds like it was a great day!!