Saturday, December 20, 2008

Meeting Santa again

On Friday we went to this great little place called The Village Bake House with Marie and Evan.  They were having an open house with cookies, face painting, and a visit from Santa.  The kids got to decorate their own cookies.  Both of my children went a little overboard on the icing and sprinkles....but they sure had fun.

The Santa that was there was very nice but he had a mini conference with EVERY child so it took forever to get the chance to see him.  We got in line three different times and then we would go back outside and just wait until the crowd died down and tried again.  They had you fill out this piece of paper with your child's name, things he/she does around the house to help, things he/she needs to improve on, and things he/she can do for others.  
Tyler helped me with his...

Name: Tyler
Things I do around the house to help:  Feed the dog and pick up my toys
Things I need to improve on: Being a good listener (I picked this one) and coloring (he pick that one!=)
Things I can do to help others: We can use our money to buy presents for kids who don't have any.  He said this without any prompting...we shopped for two kids whose names we got from a gift tree so I guess it made an impression.

Name: Emma
Things I do around the house to help:  Pick up my toys.
Things I need to improve on:  going potty on the potty (hey I figured if Santa told her to do it maybe she would!!!
Things I can do for other:  Give lots of love.

So we finally get our turn and Santa starts his little conference.  As he is going over Tyler's he says, "Wow it looks like you are a good helper for your mom."  Tyler said "Yes"  Then he says, "Are you a good listener or do you need to get better at that?"  Tyler looked at him and said, "Are those toys in that basket?"  That's my boy...such a good listener!=)

Emma was very excited to see Santa.  When we got up there she turned around and yelled, "Santa!"  She wasn't so sure about sitting on his lap though so I started to crouch down with her and let Marie take our picture.  Santa said, "Oh, mom can sit on my lap, I like when the mom's sit!"  I guess playing Santa has its perks!=)

Our cute kiddos!

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