Sunday, August 3, 2008


I thought that I was one of the biggest talkers out there until little Brown came around. I find that I miss the moments of silence that used to be scattered throughout my day. From the minute Tyler wakes up in the morning until he goes to sleep he is asking questions or making comments about EVERYTHING. He wants to know what everything is and what it does.
He is a bit hard to understand sometimes. Thankfully he does not get frustrated at me if I can't figure out what it is he is saying---it is the opposite---he just repeats it over and over until I finally get it. I find this pretty amusing at times so I thought that it would be fun to include you all in a small part of our daily life. When Tyler says something that is REALLY hard to understand and it takes me numerous tries to figure it out I find myself feeling like I just solved the biggest puzzle. I figured why not see if others can have this sense of accomplishment too! Here are our first two installments of....."What on Earth is that boy saying!"


Garrett Family said...

Those are too funny!! I'm right there with your -however Maelynn does get mad at me if I have to ask more than once what she is saying. However being around her all the time I do understand her better than most and I don't think much about it until somebody looks at me like we are speaking our own language. So much fun!!

Garrett Family said...

Sara - I don't have your email address - but I made you a blog header if you are interested - I loaded it on my blog if you want it you can copy it from there.