Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Marshall and I were supposed to go to Lake Havasu with my cousin, Corinne and her husband, Dave but Dave's dad was ill so his parents couldn't babysit Mason.  We had a free weekend to Tubac and my mom and Marie were headed over to babysit the kids so Marshall and I took advantage and headed out of town.  It was wonderful to get away together and just have some time to ourselves.  It was beautiful there and we just had a fabulous time.  Marshall was able to play some golf and I got a massage and LOTS of pool time.  
Here is the "necklace" that mom crocheted for Emma.  I can't even tell you how girly Miss Emma is.  Anything that sparkles or shines she is all over it!  Marshall got me a beautiful diamond and aquamarine necklace for my birthday and she cried because we wouldn't let her have it!=)

Mom and Marie took the kids to Chuck E Cheese for dinner.  Here is Tyler finishing his pizza as fast as he can so he can go play games.  Marie would like to offer this advice "going to Chuck E Cheese on a weekend evening is not for the faint of heart...go for lunch through the is a much happier experience!"
My kids LOVE music.  Marie has lots of oldies on her ipod so she and the kids spent a lot of time "sweating to the oldies".  Notice Tyler rocking out with his guitar.
They also took the kids to the zoo!

I am not so sure Tyler's mom would have let him get quite so close!=)

Thank you Marie and mom for watching the kids for us!  We really enjoyed our mini vacation.

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Garrett Family said...

They did great - my parents are always scared to venture out with my two - plus they usually have Vanessa's too. I always leave the car seats just incase - but they are usually not used unless it is only one child at a time!! :)