Sunday, August 17, 2008

Our Weekend

Tyler's strept throat ended up causing him to have scarlet fever.  He got a rash all over his body which at first I thought was an allergic reaction to his medicine but after another visit to the Dr. we were told that it wasn't a reaction but in fact scarlet fever.  Two things of note here....1.  I had NO idea people still got scarlet fever (two of my friends said this too so I am not the only clueless one) and 2.  My sister Marie was able to diagnose this over the phone (way to go Dr. Strohl!)  For those of you with little ones this is what the rash looked like.  It was strange, it 
would get redder at times and then kind of disappear then it would be really red again.
Emma also broke out in a rash all over her body so we trekked back to the Dr. on Friday but the doctor seemed to think it was just a virus so she did not get a round of antibiotics.  I have done a really good job of not letting them share drinks and such this week so I am really hoping and praying that Tyler keeps his bug to himself!:)
We didn't really go anywhere this week because the kids both looked pretty rough.  The weather wasn't too awfully hot so we were able to get outside and play in kid's pool---oh how I miss having a real pool!

Here is Tyler convincing Emma how much fun the slide is.

I think she agreed!

Face first is even better!


Garrett Family said...

I said the same thing about Scarlet fever - but it went around at our church last year - and quit a few kids ended up getting it. I had no idea it was still around either. They acted like it was no big deal now - but it sounds scary!! Glad to hear they are feeling better.

Mitchell Family said...

No idea scarlet fever was still around. Sounds serious, although I guess it's not uncommon. I'm so glad your kids are feeling better.