Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Now that Tyler is in school I have two days a week where Emma and I get some one on one time.  It is really nice being able to just focus on her.  I signed us up for two classes at Gymboree this month.  We are doing an art on Tuesdays and a music class on Thursdays.  So far she is loving it.  Here she is experiencing finger painting for the first time!  

Yes, she did try to eat it!:)

Tyler loved his first week at school but he is missing his second week.  They called me from school yesterday and said that he was running a fever.  When I picked him up he was just pitiful and kept complaining that his head hurt.  Long story short I took him in to the doctor and he has strept throat.  He didn't get it from there though because he hasn't been there since last Thursday.  He was very sad not to go to school today but at least the antibiotics had kicked in and he was a much happier boy.  
We had a fun afternoon here at the house playing "tea party" with he and Emma.

Emma is really just growing so darn fast.  She seems so much more mature than what Tyler was at this age.  Here is a quick video I took of her today.


Garrett Family said...

Too cute - loved the video - she is so smart!!

Mitchell Family said...

They both look so grown. I cannot believe how much bigger they are since they were here. It goes by too fast!