Tuesday, August 5, 2008

First day of school

Can you believe that I sent my baby off to preschool today?  I even did it without any tears--from him or me!  He was so excited and actually I was a little hurt at how ready he was to leave me and get going:)  I am just shocked at how fast these three years have flown by.  As much as I am going to miss having him here with me I am thrilled that I am going to have two days a week to give Emma some one on one time.

Emma helping him get ready for his big day!

"Let's go Mom and Dad, I am ready!"

Putting my stuff in my cubby.

My teacher, Miss Sherry.
He had a great first day of school.  When I picked him up two different teachers commented on his good manners---this made me so proud!:)  The most shocking thing said was that he was very patient, a trait rarely seen at home.  He is so excited to go back on Thursday so I guess it was a HUGE success!

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