Sunday, August 10, 2008


We decided to take the kids out of heat and drive up to Mt. Lemmon today.  It is so pretty there and we figured we could have a picnic and MAYBE ride the ski lift.  Unfortunately things didn't work out so well.  There was a bad accident early this morning and the road was shut down. We got about a third of the way up before it was closed.  We were at first told it was going to be closed for about another hour so we joined the numerous other people wandering around the woods and let the kids stretch their legs.  We came across this creek and Tyler and Emma had a blast getting their toes wet.  

They sheriff drove by and said it was looking more like another two hours so we decided it would be best to go ahead and head home and try this again on another weekend.  Tyler had managed to fall in the creek by this time so he got to ride home in just his underwear--which would probably be his outfit of choice on most days!

The scenery on the drive is just spectacular.  I have a pretty major fear of heights so I am a bit of a spastic passenger but we still got a few good pictures.  My family will appreciate these scenery shots from the car window!:)

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