Monday, July 20, 2009


July and August in the dessert are monsoon season.  This is when we get the majority of our rainfall.  The late afternoon storms can be pretty spectacular.  They are often accompanied with major wind, lightning, and thunder.  Today we had a mid afternoon storm that just came out of nowhere.  The sun was shining, but all of a sudden there were big fat rain drops falling from the sky.  Both of the kids decided that being indoors was just not the place to be during this rare occurrence. So we headed out and they danced and played in the rain.

Check out our drowned little rats!=)


Aunt Marie said...

"singing in the rain...."

Nana said...

I love dancing and singing in a warm rain!! They are beautiful!

Design it Chic said...

oh how cute.. that's what we've experienced yesterday with my husband and my little brother.. we went downtown and a huge-drops-kind-of-rain came out of nowhere and it got us wet like rats..Germany is like that many times..but it was fun tough.. we were running and laughing so hard.. like crazy kids do:)

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Happy Friday!