Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ronald McDonald Story time

Last year I took Tyler to see Ronald McDonald at the library for a special story time.  The problem was that we didn't get there early enough and apparently they only let in a limited number of people.  They cut the line off right at us, so not only did we not get in, but Ronald walked right in front of us and poor Tyler was just devastated.  
Flash forward to this year and he was going to be at story time again this week.  I made sure that we were there 30 minutes early so we would get in.  The guy did an FABULOUS job.  He did all kind of magic tricks and kept the kid's attention for close to an hour.  
The funniest part was when he was going over swim safety rules and he was asking the kids to name some things that they should never go in the pool without....Tyler yelled out, "your bathing suit!"  There was a whole room full of people giggling and wondering what when on at that little boy's house!=)

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