Monday, July 27, 2009

Busy Vacation Part 1

We are on vacation in Oceanside, CA. My sister Marie lives here so we are taking full advantage and squatting at her house for ten days! Marshall drove out with us and then flew home for work---he plans on coming back out here this Thursday and we will all stay until Sunday.
Here's what we have been up to the past few days....
There is a nice community pool at Marie's condo that no one ever uses so we have been spending LOTS of time there. There are three really long steps so Tyler is very happy just hanging out on them!
Friday night we met up with my cousin Corinne, her husband Dave, and their very cute Mason. We went to Jazz in the Park in Carlsbad. It is a great kid friendly event put on by the Parks Dept. They have live music and all you need to bring are lawn chairs, some munchies, and a good bottle of wine. The kids run wild in the outfield and then have fun chasing bubbles and dancing.
Emma was teaching Aunt Corinne how to shake her tail feather!
Emma has way more dancing ability than her momma!
Tyler broke out some old school break dancing moves!
On Saturday Corinne, Dave, and Mason came over for a swim day. Mason is a maniac with his floaties on. He jumps in with absolutely no fear. I thought Tyler and Emma would be inspired by this but they still pretty much stuck to the steps.
After naps we all headed out to Ron and Gail's house for a cook out.
Here are the three hoodlums in the back seat on the ride over to Fallbrook.
When we got there Gail had the baby pool and slip n slide set up...a good time was had by all!=)
Sunday, Dave took us out to the Bay on his parent's boat. I was really worried about how the kids would handle wearing life vests and their very first boat ride but they both LOVED it. We had a great day of boating, playing on the shore, napping at the Morash house, and then dinner. We all wish we lived closer so that we could do this more often.

Today we met up with a friend of mine from elementary school that I reconnected with on Facebook. She lives just about 10 minutes from Marie. We met up at Lego Land and went through their water life museum, Sea Life.
She has two cute little boys, TJ and Reese. The kids played well together and I had a great time catching up with an old friend!!

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Corinne said...

You have to send me a link to the original photos.. so I can get some printed. :) Too cute. I love the one of their backs on the boat. Would be perfect to hang up in Mason's room. :)
Love you. So happy we hung out all weekend. I was missing you, and sad I hadn't seen the kids in ages.
Now, they will know who the heck I am. LOL.