Thursday, November 13, 2008


Not too much going on around here lately...we seem like we are so busy each day but if you asked me what we did I can't seem to account for all the hours in the day.  Last weekend we broke the bank buying winter clothes and shoes for the kids.....these kids need to stop growing so darn fast or else we are going to be broke!=)  The mornings in Tucson are pretty chilly so we always have to dress in layers.....which is such a pain.  They both were in need of socks, underwear, pj's, coats, and a few winter outfits----I am telling you, we may have to live on mac-n-cheese this month!=)
I guess I could skip the mac-n-cheese and just feed them bean burritos every night...both of my kids LOVE Mexican food.
Monday we went over to visit Marie and Evan.  The kids made tambourines which they have enjoyed playing with and eating (Emma seems to love uncooked pasta).

Yesterday I went to talk to the school to go over Tyler's speech evaluation.  He did not qualify for and therapy but they gave me some pointers to help him learn to say /g/,  hard/c/ and /k/ sounds correctly.  The good news was that he did really well with the preschool screening and was above average in everything but articulation.  My friend, Marie, is a speech pathologist so she is going to give me lots of pointers so hopefully we will get this corrected before kindergarten.  
Saturday we are going to go to the park and have family pictures taken.  The girl that took them last year isn't doing it anymore so we are trying someone new.  She has a tough act to follow..remember these sweet pictures?  They sure have grown fast this past year!

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Garrett Family said...

I can't wait to see the pictures!! I so want to go get professional ones done.