Friday, November 21, 2008

My Princess

Emma is OBSESSED with Cinderella.  I am not exaggerating when I say this either!=)  Fist off she calls her "Ra"  and she walks around the house clutching something "Ra" most of the day.  She can spot Cinderella on things from a hundred yards, so going to the store has become a massive pain.  She will actually throw a fit if you don't hand her the thing she spotted with Cinderella on it.  Now, don't think I buy her something every time we go to the store but I do let her hold it until check out time...I can handle a melt down as we are leaving it is just an entire shopping trip meltdown that I like to avoid.  A good example is that while grocery shopping yesterday she spotted "Ra" on a can of spaghettios and started screaming and pointing.."Ra. Ra, Ra", so she spent the rest of the time clutching the can of food...I did buy this one because it was 88 cents and she will eat it.  
Every Tuesday and Thursday when we go pick up Tyler she has a mini stroke because not only are there about eight "Ra" lunch boxes lining the counter as we walk in but also Ms. Sheri has a "Ra" book that Emma runs and gets as soon as she walks in to the classroom.  
I keep asking myself where this little princess came from because she sure isn't like me!
Here she is looking at princess stuff in the newspaper insert.
We took her to the park on this day and you should have seen how many times she fell trying to go up the stairs because she WOULD NOT let go of either the tiny Cinderella or the little book.

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