Friday, November 21, 2008

Nov. 21st

We went to the park the other day and found a digital camera that someone must have dropped.  I called the Parks Dept. and they transferred me to the place at the Police Dept. that deals with lost and found.  They actually sent an officer to pick it up from us.  Tyler was SO excited that a real police officer driving a real police car actually came in to our house.  

We had family pictures done last weekend at a park here in town.  I am not sure it was the best location...there seemed to be a lot of trash around and it didn't have a ton of shade, but I am hoping that we get a few good ones.  The photographer is supposed to have the CD with all the pictures mailed to me this week.  She was a wonderful girl with a ton of patience...I guess you need this in order to photograph kids.  She spent almost two hours with us.  She emailed me this photo--- if it is any indication of her work I am going to be thrilled with the outcome.
This season of Dancing with the Stars is coming to a close-- I think the finals are next week. This makes everyone in our house very sad.  Both of the kids love to dance along with the stars. Tyler is especially fond of Warren Sapp.....he always says, "He is a BIG football player".  
Here is a quick video of Tyler and Emma dancing .
Tonight we went to Tyler's school for a Kindergarten program.  They had the preschoolers help with some of the songs.  It was so cute.  Here is the Blessing Song that they sang at the end. Notice that Tyler's wife is next to him.  She was looking a little sad because she couldn't find her mom in the audience but throughout most of the performance they were holding hands!=)
And last but not least, here is a funny picture of my two little early risers right after waking up. They both love to come out and cuddle on the chair and watch Handy Manny first thing in the morning.

Maybe they wouldn't look so rough if they would sleep past 6 a.m.!!!!!=)

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