Thursday, October 9, 2008

Geo Trax

So last Christmas we thought that we were the coolest parents ever by having Santa deliver a train table to Tyler.  Although he still occasionally plays with it he just isn't as excited about it as we thought he would be.  The most play it gets is when he and Emma go in to his room and have a "big wreck" which daddy always has to fix later that evening.  Here are before and after pics of their latest wreck. 

My friend, Keli, has been telling me about Geo Trax and how much her son, Tyler loves it. She also said even older kids that come over to play enjoy playing with it.  So on Saturday we went to Tyler's first "friend" birthday party and the little boy had Geo Trax set up in the front room. Tyler could not get enough of it.  Even after all the other kids went outside to play he snuck back in to play with the train.  He kept telling me how cool it was.  I thought about it and decided to ask him if he wanted to sell his train table and get a Geo Trax one.  He was over the moon!  So I took pictures of it and we put it on Craigslist.  I also took that opportunity to clean out the toy room and and sell some of the stuff the kids no longer play with.  I made $65 so far and a lady is coming to pick up the train table on Sat..she is buying it $90.  
Since they were his train table and his toys I wanted to get the beginning part of Geo Trax now so that he can see an immediate return on his sale!=)  After I took him to school today Emma and I went to Target and got it for him.  I put it together while she napped.  I didn't tell him about it when I picked him up but when we got home I made him go to his room and wait for his surprise (I had to put in the batteries!).
Here he is when he first saw it.

You can click here to see a quick video of him playing with it.

PS--The two of them are so enthralled with it I was just able to do my blog while they played by themselves in the toy room!=)


Garrett Family said...

That is great - we have the first train tracks - but not the table and Maelynn likes it but it has a lot of small pieces I'm scared Beclynn will get a hold of - so we don't get it out much. Can they not pull apart the Geo Tracks?

Aunt Marie said...

Sarah....This is great! Love Emma's Choo train. Arms up in the air waving. Tyler looks like he has it all under control. It will be fun to add pieces. m.e.