Saturday, December 29, 2012

Quick recap of 2012

Remember me? I used to be an awesome blogger. What happened to The Brown Family Blog? 2012 was an epic fail when it came to blogging. As I look at my blog, my last post was in April. I am so sorry that I stopped. I  could give you a million and one excuses like...I went back to work and I was busy, but really there is no excuse for me not taking a little time every few weeks to update my family with pictures and stories so you all feel a little closer to Tyler and Emma.
My New Year's resolution is to do better in 2013. I will do better.
As a small I am sorry I am going to post a few pictures on this post from May-Dec 2012. It was a great year and here are some pictures to prove it!

Tyler and Mrs. Carlson on the last day of school

Our crazy neighborhood bus riders.

Last day of school water balloon fight!
Saying goodbye to Ms. Christina
Sad to leave RLCDC but so ready to go to Wilson next year!
Lots and lots of swimming this summer.

Yes...we let him get a mohawk!
Loving baseball!

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