Saturday, December 29, 2012


The highlight of June was our trip back to Missouri. There really are not exclamation points to explain the amount of fun we had. We were there for two weeks and it was just not enough time. The kids had so much fun and they got to know Pop a whole better. The pictures are out of order but they are some of the highlights of the bestest June ever!

Small recoil accident when he went shooting with Uncle Matt. He not only learned about shooting a gun but he also had a lesson about "guy code".

Amos--half dog half pony.

Feeding the fish with Uncle Randy.

These were all from "movie night" at Aunt Katie's house.  They LOVED it.

Precious Moments with Nana and Aunt Katie.

The creek--fishing, swimming, kayaking, and hanging with Pop.

Silver Dollar City---I think we had more fun here than we did at Disney! No lines so we rode everything multiple times=)

Our visit with Gabe Thomas. Those boys are getting too big for that chair=)

Uncle Matt really is the best.

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