Saturday, December 29, 2012


July is when we go to Newport Beach every summer. It is always a wonderful time and we get to spend time with Aunt Marie and Uncle Bill and Aunt Corinne, Uncle Dave, Mason and Ethan. Our trip this year was cut short though because we came home to help lay to rest one of those most wonderful, kind, inspiring, and amazing men any of us have ever known. Our dear friend, Bill Valenzuela passed away. He will always be in our hearts and not a day goes by that we don't think about him. 
 Here are some pictures from CA. The kids LOVE each other and each year I leave there so sad that we don't live closer so these kiddos could spend more time together.

The gang hanging by the pool (missing Aunt Marie, Uncle Bill, Uncle Jake, and Danielle though)

Rest time with electronics.

Flying high

Riding without mom cause she is too scared!

Emma got her ears pierced--it was quite an experience!

The kids discovered how much they LOVE boogie boards.

Great time at the aquarium in Phoenix

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