Friday, November 6, 2009

Our first visitor

Well our first visitor was a very unwelcome one!
On Halloween we had the yard landscaped about an hour or so into it he landscaper came and got Marshall to tell him that there was a rattlesnake in an overgrown bush that he wanted removed.
I immediately wanted to call the fire department because #1 they will come and remove snakes and #2 you gotta love the firemen! However, Marshall made me wait until he knew if it was still out there. It was still out there so I called 911 (at this point I RAN...not the bedroom to finish getting ready). Much to both Tyler's and my disappointment they killed it before anyone got there so we called the fire department back and cancelled the call.
We have a wash behind the house so it isn't unheard of to have a rattlesnake in there...I am just hoping this was a one time freak thing and that we aren't going to be seeing them on a regular basis....that is unless the cute firemen will be coming to my house on a regular basis!;)

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Anna said...

Holy Crap ola'!

Our Tulsa firefighter have a calendar each year that is sold at local businesses. I told Brian the first time I saw it, "my dad was on the dept. for 25 years, he never worked with any of these guys!"