Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween Party

Tyler's school had a Halloween Parade last Friday. Both of the kids had a great time wearing their costumes for the first time and getting some practice in before the next night's main event!

It is getting harder and harder to drop off Tyler in the morning because Emma wants to stay with him. I think she is ready to go but I am not ready for her to go yet! She is just growing up so fast that their are times I find myself asking her to please slow down and stay my baby. She totally fits right in at school and even follows along with whatever his class is doing. Check her and Tyler out as they enjoy the school parade.
As they were trick or treating the Pastor said, "Oh look....a little nurse." Emma promptly said, "I AM NOT a nurse....I am a DOCTOR!" (gotta love her=)
I am so happy that Tyler has such great little friends in his class. He just loves school and I know that being with his buddies is a major part of that.

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Aunt Marie said...

That's my girl Emma! GO ALL OUT! Thanks for sharing all the pics.