Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our week in review

We had a busy week this week.  On Tuesday Tyler had his Easter party at school and of course little Miss Emma went along and acted just like a preschooler.  They did some arts and crafts and had a small egg hunt on the playground.

(Check out Emma at the end of the line).

We had a midweek Dr. visit because Tyler came down with strep throat.   He did make a quick recovery thanks to some strong antibiotics. We were all thankful that Emma did not come down with it as well.  The best part of being sick for Tyler was that he got to go to work with Marshall and watch movies while Emma and I went to the Y.
Saturday was supposed to be the town egg hunt and Tyler's second tennis lesson but it rained all day and barely got to 60 degrees.  We pretty much stuck around the house and got a few last minute things done for Easter.
Sunday morning we got up and the kids found their baskets.  They were both thrilled with all of the contents.  Tyler had requested a kite so he was so happy about the Spider Man one that he got.  They both got a new cup, bubble whistles, chocolate bunny, some treat filled eggs, a kite, and books.  Emma also got a toy Cinderella camera and Tyler got some Hot Wheels.  

After we were done with the baskets we got ready for church.  We went to the 7:30 service and unbeknown to me there was no Sunday School or nursery at this time.  The kids had to stay with us through the service.  They were a little restless but not too awful bad.  I am pretty sure that the choir was entertained when they looked out and saw Emma twirling around to the music in her "pretty dress."

After church we headed out to a park to spend the rest of the day with our wonderful friends The Valenzuelas.  We had just such a great time this year.  They always have games (softball, kickball, sack races, egg toss, and more) so Tyler was just in hog heaven.  The park has playground equipment so between that and pushing her doll around in the stroller all day, Emma enjoyed herself as well.

It was a wonderful day spent with dear friends!


Garrett Family said...

loved the pictures!! Glad to see I'm not the only one that goes all out on the Easter baskets - my Dad said he had never heard of it - my Mom always did the same for us!

Mitchell Family said...

What a great weekend!

Pauline Strohl said...

I love the pics. As always the look great. We always get baskets too. Ricky gets a little candy but mostly toys and low sugar stuff because of his hyperness.