Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Fantastic Four Year Old

Can you believe that our boy is FOUR years old?  I have a hard time even saying that!  Tyler has promised me that he will always be my baby, but if you spend even five minutes with him, you will soon realize that he just isn't a baby at all anymore.  He has grown in to such a big boy with a big personality to match it.
He is all boy....he is always on the go, he loves sports, cars and trucks are his favorite toys, and he is VERY rough and tumble.  But on the other hand, he loves to read, give hugs and kisses, help his mom and dad, and can charm the pants off of anyone!=)  He is so funny and loves to make us laugh.  I don't think I have ever been around a child who asks as many questions as he does...I just chalk that up to his brilliance!=)  Tyler has been blessed with the BIGGEST blue eyes which I am sure are going to work to his advantage in many aspects of his life.
I cannot even begin to tell you how he makes my heart swell.  We have always said that Tyler does everything on "Tyler time".  He may take a little longer than some kids to warm up to a new situation but once he has decided that he is ready he goes at his task full speed ahead. He really is an amazing boy.  I wish you all lived closer so that you could be here to watch him grow in to the little man he is quickly becoming.

We had his birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza (think Chuck E Cheese without the giant mouse) on Friday evening.  He had five little boys from school come and a few other friends.  He was very insistent that only boys and sisters could come.  The kids played games, ate pizza, played more games, ate cupcakes, played some more games, watched Tyler open gifts, and then played even more games!  Everyone had a nice time and Tyler really enjoyed himself.  The first thing he said on Saturday was, "Mom and Dad, since today is my real birthday can we please go back to Peter Piper and have another party?"

Eating his baseball cupcakes..I didn't get a picture of the cupcake cake=(

Friends from school, Anthony, London, and Tyler

Tyler and Kole

Riding the carousel with Daddy and Emma

Ready to dig in to cupcakes.

One of his favorite gifts...we are having lots of sword fights at our house now.
Happy birthday my sweet boy!


Garrett Family said...

so cute - how fast they grow up!! I love his costume - too cute - so glad they have that stuff for boys now!! Maelynn and Beclynn dress up everyday- what fun!!

Grannypjwa said...

We had a great day at bisonte(the lake) with your nana,carl,Uncle denton and mike robo. I was there too. They burned lims from the ice storm and your pyromania nana was in seventh heaven. It was a good day to burn, as it poured rain later in day and we didn't have to worryabout fires speading. Nana kept remining us it was Tyler's 4thb'day. Frompics and all sounds like a good one. Tyler, enjoyall tese partys while you can cause one day they will stop. and won't start againuntil you are 80...Love Granny pjwa

Mitchell Family said...

Great pictures!! He's such a sweet boy.