Thursday, April 2, 2009

Bye Bye binkie

We did it.  We took the binkie away from Emma last night.  The "Binkie Fairy" wrote her a letter early in the week and explained to her that since she was turning two that she was no longer a baby who needed a binkie.  I read the letter over and over to her and we talked about how we were going to tie the binkies on balloons and send them up in the sky to the Binkie Fairy so she could give them to little babies.  
Yesterday was her 2 year appointment (she weighed 25.8 lbs and was 35 inches) so I thought that I would wait until evening to take it away in case she needed it to comfort herself after shots (she didn't).  Marshall went to the store and got the balloons then we tied them on and went out in the yard.  We told the binkies good bye and then watched them float away.  Emma kept saying, "bye bye binkies" and "binkies go up in the sky", but she never seemed upset.  

After they were out of sight we went back into the house and got baths and dressed for bed. When Emma went in to her room to get dressed she found a thank you note and the present, a stuffed Cinderella doll,  that the Binkie Fairy had left her for being such a big girl.

She went to bed without one bit of fussing and Marshall and I were both shocked at how easy she went to sleep without having it in her mouth--she was REALLY attached to it at bedtime.  When she woke up this morning she went to the backdoor and said, "binkies went up in the sky" but again seemed fine.  Nap time was a little sad today but she didn't ask for it, she just cried and and wanted some extra rocking and singing--after I put her in bed she cried for about 15 minutes before she fell asleep.  
This was pretty easy and I am thinking I should have done it months ago!  Now if I can just get her potty trained!=) 


Garrett Family said...

Wonderful idea - I have been thinking of what we are going to do with Beclynn. She is still replacing it with her finger and the dentist said not to take her passie (or Boo) as she calls it away until she stops putting her fingers in her mouth. We did the samething with Maelynn about giving a gift - and she still often sleeps with the doll we got her. The balloons are a great idea!! I may be asking for advice when it is time to take Beclynn's away. She has become very attached to them - and wakes up at night crying boo boo if she can't find it.

Nana said...

I bet it was almost as sad for give up the "baby". Emma is such a smart and mature 2yr old.I bet potty training will go pretty easy when she understands she gets to wear "pretty" underwear.

shelley said...

I love the idea of putting it on balloons!! That is sweet. Lauren and I left it on the window sill for the binkie fairy and with cole I just cut the tip off and he was done with it!! Congratulation!!!

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Logan will be 3(!!) next month, and I still haven't had the guts to take away the pacifier. It pretty much stays in bed, but still... one of these days it will have to go.

And I'm not even thinking about potty-training yet. If I ignore it, will he just train himself? :)