Thursday, February 7, 2008

February 7, 2008

We are back from Vegas! It was a wonderful time spent with great friends. We didn't come back as big winners but we did come back with almost all of our money---which in our book is considered winning.
Mom and Carl came last Thursday. Tyler had a great time with his "PaPa Tarl and Nana". He had a pretty big meltdown when he talked to me on the phone Saturday night so we decided not to call him anymore---that was way harder on me than it was him. We were so glad mom and Carl came and we know that the kids enjoyed having them here. I am sure that Carl was pretty tired when he got home on Tuesday---Tyler made sure that he played lots of baseball and golf with him during the visit.
Mom is staying until next Monday so we are enjoying having her here. Tyler was a little afraid that I had left him again when he got up from his nap yesterday and found mom here without me (I had a dentist appointment). He had a meltdown but recovered when I came through the door.
Tyler REALLY missed his daddy. Tuesday night he and Marshall were wrestling on the floor when out of the blue he said, "Daddy, you are my best friend". I actually saw Marshall's heart melt right then and there.
The kids took their first bath together the other night. It went great--Tyler loved helping to wash Emma!

This morning we went to the children's museum and saw Jim Henson's Fantastic World. It was a great display and Tyler had a blast. We enjoyed playing with the puppets and making silly muppett creatures. We went out for lunch afterward and Tyler was actually an angel. Emma did just as well. She ate the entire time---she tried all kinds of fruit during our lunch and seemed to love all of it.
The weather is supposed to be wonderful this weekend so I am sure we will find lots to do outside with Nana before we send her back home to winter weather.
Here are a few of the pictures we have taken over the last week.

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