Tuesday, February 12, 2008

February 12th

I guess it really is back to the grind around here. Mom went home yesterday which made all of us sad. I think she really enjoyed her visit and we sure loved having her here with us. It was so nice having a second pair of hands to help out with the kids but it was REALLY nice having another adult to talk with during the day!:)
We had a great weekend. Saturday we got up and got the house "show ready" (no one came though) then the girls went one way and the boys another. Mom, Emma, and I went shopping and out to lunch. Dillards is having their end of the season sale on shoes---mom got some Clarks for $29 and I got the most beautiful pair of RED highheels. Emma was a real tropper and just sat in her stroller drinking her bottle (she actually was holding it by herself) and eating puffs. We went out to lunch and then continued getting bargains in Children's Place. Emma got some really pretty hats---her head is still tiny so the 0-6 month hats fit her a lot better than then 6-12mos--but mom couldn't resist this sweet little pink one.

While we were having our girl's day Marshall and Tyler went to the driving range. Tyler had so much fun. He hit an entire bucket of balls by himself. He did a great job until it was time to go--that broke his little heart. With a promise of a quick return his meltdown passed quickly and after a trip through McDonald's he was a happy camper once again.

The kids napped really well that day so mom and I went and had a little pampering by getting our toes done. Marshall enjoyed the down time with a nap of his own!
Sunday we again got up and got the house ready and again no one came to look at it----that really is getting old. We all headed off to Risen Savior Preschool for an open house. It was wonderful! The school is great and Tyler loved it there---he cried when we left so that was a pretty good sign that he wants to go there! Hopefully we will get in---they register at the end of the week. It is a lottery so we will just have to keep our fingers crossed that his form gets chosen. After checking out the school mom and I headed down to Tucson for Celesa Arino's wedding shower. It was a beautful day so we enjoyed the ride and of course enjoyed ourselves with the Valenzuelas.
We did show the house this morning and another couple is coming this afternoon. Keep your fingers crossed for us that it sells----it will be so nice to have this done and over with.
OH....Tyler did say something funny yesterday-----when he woke up in the morning he came out into the kitchen and looked at me and said, "hey people!" God knows where he got that one but it was pretty funny. He also is getting quite an ear for recognizing songs on the radio. This morning we were in the car and he said, 'Mommy this is our song"----it was the song, Our Song by Taylor Swift. I guess he has a future on Name That Tune!:)

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