Sunday, April 1, 2012


Well it seems as though I missed updating my blog for an entire month!!! I am so sorry. We have been busy busy busy. We are in the full swing of gymnastics, golf, and baseball. There are days when I feel like we live in the car going from activity to activity. Include volunteering at both schools and working three days a week in there and there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day.
I have not only been a slacker when it comes to blogging but I have been slacking with picture taking as well. I need to get back to having my camera on the counter so I stop missing so many cute photo ops to share with you.
The major highlights of March include our trip to Mo, Ok, and Tx, baseball season starting, and Emma Marie Brown turning 5!!!!!!
Our trip back to the midwest was a quick visit but filled to the brim with fun. We flew in to OK City on a Saturday and spent the night with Marshall's parents. Early the next morning we headed up to Neosho where Katie had planned a fun evening with family and close friends. We got to see Granny and Great Uncle John, Nana and Papa Carl, Uncle John, Katie and Randy, Matt and Nancy, Logan and Kelsie, Amy, and some other great friends. It was a wonderful evening spent laughing and enjoying what was to be the last of the sunshine for many days.
We didn't take many pictures unless you count the 20 pictures I took of the sweetest dog in the world, Amos. Amos is Matt and Nancy's mastiff. There is just no way to express in words how sweet and cute this BIG boy is. It was love at first site for me. I just couldn't get enough of him so I decided to take pics of him instead of the kids!=)
I did get a few pictures of Uncle Matt helping Emma with her kite--he was a trooper!
We have not been back to Joplin since the tornado. We drove up to meet some wonderful friends, Brian and Dana Moritz, for lunch and decided to drive around and survey the area. I have to tell you....the kids have been praying for Joplin for the past year, but after seeing what we saw, they are praying even harder. I cannot imagine what it looked like in the days, weeks, and months after the tornado because what we saw was almost a year later. It is really heartbreaking.
It rained, and I mean RAINED, Mon., Tues., and Wed. The kids had some serious cabin fever by the time we arrived back in Oklahoma City. Thankfully the sun came back out on Friday and the kids got to have fun with Grandpa and Grandma Brown and their cousin, Alex.
Marshall and I headed to Austin for a wedding while the kids stayed with the Browns and got to go to the Ok City Zoo and Orr Farm. They had a wonderful visit and wished that they could stay longer.
Marshall and I LOVED Austin and had a wonderful kid free weekend.
Coming home we were immediately back in high gear. I was in crazy planning mode for Emma's tea party, the kids were back to school, and Marshall had some catching up to do at work.
Baseball season has started again. Marshall is coaching Tyler's team, The Hot Rods. I am actually looking forward to spending time at the ball field watching my boy make some BIG hits!
The next BIG event of March is our baby turning 5! But she deserves her own post, so the next one will be ALL about Emma!

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