Monday, April 18, 2011

Tyler Brown is SIX!!!!

Six Years Old!!! It is hard to believe that Tyler is just about to finish Kindergarten. Wow--- he sure has grown up this year. He just amazes me with his reading and writing. He is not only riding his bike without training wheels, but he is to the point of doing tricks on it. He is such a boy, he is loud and full of energy--PURE BOY!
Tyler and I have always had a veryspecial bond--he is and always will be his Mama's boy but this year he has really started to turn in to Daddy's buddy. The second Marshall walks in the door at night Tyler is on him to play catch, wrestle, play tackle, just any kind of contact sport that he can think of to play. Marshall is so good with him and I love that he does this so Emma and I don't have to!=)
We live in a neighborhood full of boys so this year I have watched him really become a typical boy. I am so glad that he has so many friends to play with and just get all that crazy energy out of his system.
We are once again doing swim lessons and I think this is going to be the year that Tyler learns to swim!
I love Tyler's sense of humor. He definitely has his mom and dad's sarcastic streak which will more than likely get him in to some trouble, but he comes by this honestly!
I wish I could hit the pause button and have him just stop getting so big. He is still my cuddle bug and I pray he will always hug and kiss me like he does now (watch the video for his promise).
Happy Happy Birthday Pumpkin Head---you are a very special boy and I love you more than you can even imagine!
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If you click HERE you can watch his video from last year.

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Nana said...

HAPPY GIVING BIRTHDAY!!! Thank-you for giving me the BEST Greandson in the WHOLE world! I Love and MISS you ALL!