Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Barbie Kim Update

Do you remember me telling you about Barbie Kim? She is the life sized Barbie that Nana gave Emma for Christmas. Emma LOVES Barbie Kim.
Well, about a month or so ago Marshall was helping Emma change Barbie Kim's clothes when he realized that her arm was about to fall off. Emma was devastated. I knew how much mom paid for the doll so I was ticked!
I called Mattel and they informed me that they don't actually make the life sized Barbie but gave me the name of the company that did. I was put in touch with THE NICEST customer service rep ever. I told him the problem and he said he would do everything he could to help me. He asked me to mail the arm to him (thank God I didn't have to mail the entire doll and pay an arm and a leg for shipping-pun intended!).
Guess What?!?! That nice gentleman must have deemed the broken arm a design flaw so they sent us a brand new life size Barbie. Emma named the new one Sarah Gail Brown.=)
So here are the girls (LtoR)
One armed Barbie Kim, Emma, and Sarah Gail Brown.

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