Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas was once again a fun filled blur. The time with family and friends went by way too fast but I have to tell you we sure did enjoy every second of the chaos!
Both kids got everything their little hearts desired. We were blessed to have mom and Carl and Katie and Randy come out here and share Christmas with us. There is nothing I love more than sharing the magic of a Christmas with little ones with others. Hopefully Marie and Bill and Matt, Nancy and the kids will come next year (hint hint!).
The kids of course LOVED everything that they were given but there is always a favorite toy. This year's favorites go to the Wii for Tyler and the life size Barbie, named Barbie Kim that Emma got from Nana.
Check out a few highlights of the magic of Christmas morning!
The Wii that Santa brought
The scene before the kids saw it.
Checking it all out.
Paper Jam guitar from Aunt Marie and Uncle Bill.
Life like baby doll from Grandpa and Grandma.
Wii games from Uncle Matt.
New best friends, Emma and Barbie Kim.
Emma and Aunt Katie.
Merry Christmas!
Santa brought us a family gift this year, a Wii. We have been having a blast with it. So much in fact that Tyler's arm muscles have been sore!=) Check out the kids and Aunt Katie having some Wii fun.
Here is a funny video of Tyler playing with the Duck Hunter game that Nana and Papa Carl got him.
Here he is again but this time he is riding the cool Radio Flyer Spin Trike that Grandma and Grandpa Brown got him.

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Nana said...

SO HAPPY we were able to spend our Christmas with you!!