Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Now the tears are really flowing!

If Monday seemed like an emotional day-- you should have been in the car with me as I sobbed driving home from dropping Emma off at her first day of Pre-K on Tuesday. Now granted, this little girl has been ready to go since Tyler started, it was still really tough on this mom. In fact, it had gotten increasing harder to leave him at school and try to pry her away from the classroom, so it was time to start sending her. You see...she was ready (even if I wasn't!).

Here she was two short years ago helping Tyler to get ready for his first day of Pre-K.
She was so excited about school that she kept practicing taking a nap on her new school nap mat.
She was so excited about being a big girl and being able to actually go and stay at school.
I am not saying that I want more babies....but I sure do miss having a baby around here----just look at these two!
I think the thing that made me cry the most about leaving her there was that she was so much more ready to be there than I was to have her there. There wasn't a moment of hesitation. She ran up to Ms. Sheri (Tyler's former Pre-K teacher) hugged her and said, "I am ready for school!". Emma has been a part of Resurrection Lutheran Child Development Center for the past two years that Tyler has attended. It feels like a second home to her and for that I am so grateful!
I plan on volunteering at the school on Tuesday each week and Thursdays are reserved for some much deserved "me" time. I hope my house will start to become a bit more organized, I still need to learn to use photo shop, my other blog has really been on the back burner, and I may even try to sneak in a few shopping or lunch dates with friends! I haven't had a day off in over 5 years so even though I cried I know this is going to be good for ALL of us.
This whole week has been so very better sweet. You want your kids to grow up and love school--- but it just happened too darn fast.


Adoptive Momma said...

You are much stronger than me! It's only PreK but it's hard on this momma!

Aunt Marie said...

Well written. Boy she is a pretty, smart, and outgoing little girl! Can hardly wait to hear about her "first day of school"

Corinne said...

Love all the school pics. Glad YOU survived. :)