Friday, July 2, 2010

Reward time

I am a firm believer in the power of a good bribe. It worked wonders when I was teaching and continues to do so with my own children. Take for example swim lessons.....
1. Tyler flat out told me he was NOT going to do them.
2. I told him that YES he was.
3. Tyler saw a commercial for some hideously ugly light up shoes.
4. I swore my children would never wear light up shoes--I can't stand them.
5. Tyler, with his sweetest smile and a giant hug, asked me if I would buy him Police Skechers
6. I realized that this was my bribe opportunity!!!
7. I presented the bribe----"You do three weeks of swim lessons without crying, screaming, or yelling. In fact, you do WHATEVER the teacher tells you to do. Even is she says bark like a dog you HAVE to do it. If you do that for me I will buy you the shoes--even though I can't stand them."
8. Tyler was VERY successful at swim lessons. He is even jumping off the side willingly OVER and OVER and OVER!!!
9. I searched ENDLESSLY for these shoes in his size. A very kind lady at Famous Footwear did a special order for me.
10. The shoes arrived and he is a VERY HAPPY boy!
**Emma did the lessons too (mind you, she did it without a bribe) and was also very successful-- she is now swimming with floaties. One look at the sparkly shoes in the store and she was in love---- so I caved!**
It all worked out in the end---I am happy because they both now LOVE the pool and they are both totally happy with their new shoes!

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Corinne said...

I love both of those shoes!!!! I can't believe you didn't like the police sketchers! They are cute!