Friday, July 2, 2010

The Circus

A neighbor called me the other day and offered us free tickets to the circus. I had never been and was wanting to take the kids but at $33 for the cheap seats I wasn't sure I wanted to go all that bad.
So, with the offer of free tickets we decide to go to The Greatest Show on Earth!!!
It was truly a feast for our eyes. The show was just spectacular. We all sat glued to our seats not daring to move for fear of missing the next amazing thing. According to Tyler his favorite parts were (in order), getting to see the elephants poop, watching the awesome pirates fight, and seeing 7 (yes, I did say 7) motorcycles drive around the inside of a globe.
If you have never been to the circus let me tell you---you are missing out! It really was a wonderful experience and I am so glad that we went.
This is the globe that the 7 motorcycles drove around in---it was so cool!
You can CLICK HERE to see even more pictures!

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