Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Getting ready for Christmas

We have been busy little elves trying to get the house decorated for Christmas. We plan on having an Open House/Christmas party next weekend so we are doing our best to get everything decorated and ready. The kids decorated the little front porch tree by themselves and helped me with the big one. I let them put their ornaments on which means I have a big cluster on Disney Princesses on one side and a big cluster of Cars cars on the other. They are allowed to mess with their ornaments as long as they leave mine alone which has actually worked quite well.

It is a monumental year this year!!! Marshall Brown aka Scrooge finally caved and hung lights up on the outside of the house. They are not too extravagant but they are there and I LOVE THEM! This is just a first baby step-- give me a few years and we will be like Griswald's on Christmas Vacation.
We did not take family pictures this year. I have a million excuses like...we just ran out of time, poor Tyler has goofy looking casts on, I got a good camera last year so that I could take them and not pay any one else and I have been a slacker at becoming an amateur photographer...I could go on and on. Here is one of about 50 million that I tried taking....Marsh was REAL happy with me by this time=)
I did get a great picture of Marshall and Emma though.
This one is from Thanksgiving---gotta love the red, white, and blue Tyler is sporting.
It is going to be a busy season, but it really is my favorite time of the year! I will do my best to keep you updated a bit better than I have been.


Aunt Marie said...

Tyler's grin is goofy and lovable. Emma looks gorgeous and Marshall Brown and his lovely wife look great too. Will miss my picture card.

Anna said...

Have Marshall come and hang with Clark aka Brian for a while, he'll be decorating every square inch outdoors. I'm afraid planes are going to try to land in our front yard.