Monday, December 14, 2009

The casts are off!!!

Tyler got his casts off today. He really did remarkably well with this whole ordeal. He did not let the casts slow him down during the past month, but he was very ready for them to be off. He surprised me by being totally fine with the saw and really only giggled at the tickling he felt. His legs looked really good---besides being a little thinner and dry they were fine. He does have a pretty good blister on the top of one foot because there was a rock in his cast that was rubbing on the skin.
Here is a short video of the nurse cutting off the cast and a few pictures of the appointment.
The saw was pretty loud but he was not scared by it at all.
Almost done.
Finally off!!!!!!
They stunk--- so even though the nurse said we could keep them as a souvenir we decided to toss them!
He is walking a bit stiffly but give him a day or two and I bet he is back to his old self---except hopefully walking flat=).


Nana said...

I can't believe he was so still and quiet when the casts were removed! Ones that I have had to remove the patients usually jump around (even adults) even though they know it won't hurt. I am VERY PROUD of Tyler!!

Anna said...

He's amazing! I remember having casts removed and I wasn't too sure about that saw not cutting me. They do stink and I also did not want my souvenir. I bet he feels like a new little boy with those heavy ol' casts gone.