Monday, September 28, 2009

Sick Day

Monday is usually my run around like a crazy woman day, but today is going to be a little different. Usually we are out of the house and headed to the Y by 7:30 then off to drop Tyler at school by 9am. Emma and I then race home for a quick shower and on to gymnastics for 10:15 am. We leave gymnastics and do a few errands then head home for lunch and a nap. Nap time is my time to get the house in some sort of order from the weekend.
But not today......
Today is a Sick Day for Tyler.
He is throwing up and has a fever. So today we spend in our pj's on the couch watching movies.
Emma isn't sick yet, however she is enjoying being in her pj's watching movies with her Tyler.


Garrett Family said...

so sorry to hear Tyler is sick - it was bad enough having a husband that was sick - I so do not want the girls to get sick!! It just breaks your heart even more - I pray he will be better real fast!!

shelley said...

ohh hope your little guy starts feeling better soon!!