Monday, September 14, 2009

Girl Time

Emma and I are having so much fun doing girly things while Tyler is at school. We spend a lot of our days playing with dolls, coloring, painting her toes, and beading her jewelry. Her small motor skills just floor me! Here are a few pictures of her making her latest necklace.
She is also going to gymnastics each Monday...or as she calls it...nastics. She absolutely loves it and does really well.
They will have an observation class later in the year so I will be able to take some better pictures then.

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Garrett Family said...

So cute - I may have to try that necklace thing for Maelynn - she is just going crazy at home after school - I try to keep her busy - but nothing keeps her attention for long. And I better get use to it - because soon the weather won't be letting them play outside so much. She seems to be fine when Beclynn is with her - but the rest of the time she expects me to play with her like Beclynn does - and I just have to get work done. Maelynn starts gymnastics tomorrow - I hope she likes it as much as Emma.