Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our funny little girl

I am not sure if there is a sweeter sound on earth right now than Emma's little voice.  It is just so darn cute.  She has so much to say and just the way she enunciates things makes us smile 100 times a day.  I promise I will get some video uploaded soon so that you can hear it for yourselves.
I just love what a girly girl she is.  She constantly wants to dance and she sings "Once Upon a Dream" from Sleeping Beauty as she is dancing with you.  She is still the queen of dress up and just clicks around here in her high heels all the time.  Yesterday, she kissed Marshall and said, "Mommy, I married Daddy!"  
She really is such a cutie....check out our little Tinker Belle.


Garrett Family said...

so cute - I love how they have all the dress up stuff for them now - it can keep my girls entertained for hours.

shelley said...

she is such a doll!! I bet those high heels on your tile floors my the clicking last forever!!!