Thursday, March 28, 2013

January through March 2013

I guess I should not make New Year's Resolutions because I obviously do not keep them! The blog has not been updated and those ten pounds are still on my butt! Oh well, such is life.
How about I make it up to you by posting some pictures from the first of the year until now.

We have lived in Tucson for over 10 years and have made many trips up and down I10. We had always noticed the sign for Rooster Cogburn's Ostrich Farm but had never stopped. I am so glad that we finally made a point to go visit it. The kids saw ALL kinds of animals (the ostriches were actually the least favorite because they are so mean) and the kids had a blast!

February always brings the Superbowl and with the Superbowl comes a visit from Nana. She actually took the kids BACK to Rooster Cogburn's (see I told you we had fun), got to go to Tyler's special Persons Day at school, was here to buy LOTS of books at Book Fair, and got to watch Tyler play basketball. T was a grump on the morning she left so their annual couch picture isn't the greatest;) Here are some of the highlights from February.
We visited the Children's Museum on Phoenix. It was HUGE, there was so much to do and see. We had such a wonderful day!

This was the first season that Tyler decided to play basketball. He LOVED it and actually did an amazing job keeping his elbows to himself (well, MOST of the time).

 When the weather report said that we had a chance for "blizzard like" conditions here in Tucson in February we all kinda just laughed. But the weatherman was right! We had a blizzard. It snowed for hours. It was such a treat for the kids because it started during the school day and continued through the night. The snow was all gone by 10am the next morning but it sure was pretty while it lasted.

It is now March and we have had a wonderful month so far. There was a Daddy/Daughter dance at school where Marshall and Emma had a wonderful date night. But what has made this March  especially wonderful is that we finally got to meet our sweet baby Hudson. Here are some pictures from the dance and our trip.


We love babies, spending time with family, and DOGS--see below! =)

Thanks Aunt Katie!!! What a special treat she gave Tyler, he got to go to a baseball game, meet the coach and players, AND have his hat signed.  

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LOVED EVERY SINGLE WORD< PIC< AND MINUTE of the adventures and blog