Monday, November 28, 2011

Mom and Tyler's day out

I know I have been slacking terribly when it comes to blogging. It seems like every day I am either at Tyler's school or Emma's. And if I am not there, I am busy running errands or cleaning. I told myself that today was the day that I would sit down and get you all caught up on what we have been doing.
On Veteran's Day Emma had school but Tyler did no, so he and I had a Mommy and Tyler Day. He got to choose the activity and he chose the zoo. After the zoo we went to Marshall's office for lunch and then capped the day off with a play date with one of his best buddies. Here are a few pictures from our zoo trip.
The last time Tyler fed something in the water he fell in---this time he stayed dry!=)
The Mama Lion recently had three cubs. She came right up to the glass and looked everyone in the eye letting us know that we were NOT to mess with her babies!
I love this boy SO much!!!!!!

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