Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Baseball is over

Our first season of coach pitch baseball has come to a close. To say that Tyler loved it is an understatement. He is a true sports fanatic. In fact he has given up all cartoons and now only watches sports on TV. Thank God we have TiVo so there is always a game recorded to keep him happy!
He loves to bat but, his true calling seems to be catcher. He really enjoys playing that position and he stays is the squatting position the entire time he is playing it.
Emma was a trooper all season. Having lots of little sisters there was a HUGE help in keeping her entertained.
Aunt Katie came out just in time to see Tyler's final game. He put on quite a show for her too. He hit a double, got someone out on third, and played catcher.
Fall ball is just around the corner so I am sure you will be reading more ball posts soon.

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